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What is G.711?

This is an ITU standard for transmitting voice over telecommunications lines. It has long been used in telephone systems but it is also common in use for video conferencing calls using ISDN (H.323) and IP (H.323).

G.711 operates at transmission rates of 56Kbps or 64Kbps. It is not as efficient as G.722 or G.728 in its encoding scheme, however, it is in wide use and systems capable of negotiating G.711 generally produce acceptable audio.

What do I need to know about G.711?

It works. G.711 is the most widespread audio codec in use among telephone appliances and it is an audio algorithm that is widely used and supported by video conferencing systems. If you are having trouble negotiating good and clear audio between video systems, we recommend confirming that your system has G.711 "ENABLED" as an acceptable audio codec.

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