Let TKO bring your business world together

  • Create a customized meeting to fulfill your business demands
  • We specialize in bridging global multipoint video conference locations seamlessly
  • Integrate PowerPoint presentations and interactive audience participation tools
  • Reach a wider audience by broadcasting meeting content over your company's Intranet, Streaming, and offering Video on Demand

For over 17 years customers have relied on TKO's technical expertise, flexibility, and customer service focus. Our customers are

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Federal and Provincial Government Agencies
  • Universities, Hospitals and Trade Schools
  • Professional Consulting and Engineering Firms
  • Venture Capital and Investment Companies
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What customers say about TKO VideoConferencing:

"we were very impressed with the facility and with how organized and professionally the TKO team managed our meeting."

"TKO's breadth and depth of video conference expertise allows us to focus on the meeting content and not the technology that's bringing all the parts of a complex meeting together."

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