When you have one chance to get it right, call TKO

  • Professional, broadcast-quality video conferencing network services
  • Event management with unparalleled technical expertise, reliability, and flexibility
  • Live video conference network management either onsite or remotely
  • Seamless content delivery to any device in any location
  • Online services including streaming, webcasting, Video on Demand, and webinar hosting
  • Over 17 years experience in producing customized video conference events

TKO hosts video conferences and special events for -

  • CEO Presentations and Town Hall Meetings
  • Product Launches and Sales Meetings
  • Corporate and Investor Day Meetings
  • All Hands Meetings
  • Distinguished Speakers
  • Earnings Calls and Annual Meetings
  • Global Award and Recognition Events
  • Legal and Technical Continuing Education Forums
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What TKO Videoconferencing event customers have to say:

"...our company CEO visits our location once a year and the event has to be perfect. Thanks to TKO it was."

"...our meetings have become inceasingly complex. TKO always makes all the complicated technology work."

"...we save so much in time and money with multipoint video conference events. These meetings also help us to achieve our "greener" goals ."