Our Services

TKO VideoConferencing (a division of TKO Video Communications) is a provider of electronic, online and virtual meeting support services. We are a high-quality vendor of professional systems and support tools for online, Internet based meetings. Our services support Virtual Town Hall Meetings, Virtual Panel Forums, Business and Government meetings and both regulatory required commission meetings and corporate announcements. In addition to online/virtual meeting support services, we also provide In-Person audio visual support for large meetings where group interaction is essential.

Our team of communications engineers, communications specialists and web application developers can merge tools you are familiar with for in-person meetings with online tools that may be new to your organization. For example, remote slide management is possible with TKO’s remote slide advancing tools and panels of speakers can be presented professionally and clearly with TKO’s remote studio services. Each of your meeting participants can be in their own virtual studio and TKO’s production team can merge them into a single high-quality meeting team.

Mission Critical to Mission Accomplished

Our parent organization, Turn-Key Operations, Inc. (TKO) was founded with the understanding that few organizations in business, education and government are adequately staffed to manage their Mission Critical communications tools and networks for heavy use, and even fewer are organized in a way that support periodic high-level important meetings. When everything has to work, Best Practices make all the difference and this is where our organization excels. TKO is focused on Virtual and In-Person Meeting Best Practices so you can focus on your message.

Mission Critical for many organizations means "interaction critical" or "team critical". When teams work effectively together a mission can be accomplished. TKO's customers place a consistently high value on personal and visual interaction across a wide spectrum of industries, organizations and countries. Our team puts the pieces of technology at your fingertips in a way that allows for professional meeting management with minimal impact on your team and resources. We are a preferred provider of Company Town Hall Meetings, Government Virtual Commission Meetings, All Hands Meetings and Virtual Panel Presentations.

Key Facts About TKO VideoConferencing

TKO VideoConferencing provides Virtual and In-Person meeting support services. The Company also manages physical facilities and arranges network services, A/V services and technical support at meeting venues throughout the world.

Additionally, TKO provides webcast meeting services, virtual and in-room A/V services, teleconference management and recording services. These services include white glove planning and rehearsing prior to meeting dates and they also include the complete production work required to conduct an important meeting, record it and host recordings for later viewing.