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Satellite broadcasting systems provide the highest quality video communication. Current satellite receiving systems are robust and easy to use. At times though, you may experience wind and rain conditions that can cause your satellite receive dish to move. If the dish is moved, you may not receive the program you intend to receive. You may also experience power outages, for instance, that cause your receiver to lose memory. Once memory is lost, the receiver must be reprogrammed.

Maintenance Plans

For these situations, TKO offers service plans for satellite downlink systems. Whether the failure is catastrophic or whether your system needs a "tune-up" before a very important broadcast event, TKO service and maintenance plans are designed to keep you on-the-air. Our technicians are ready to provide service that gives you the confidence that you can depend upon.

As an example, your organization may use satellite broadcasts for a monthly employee communication update. It is very important that all the venues and downlink sites are fully operational. TKO offers service plans that provide onsite personnel at your locations before the event. We tune the downlink, test it, and certify it. And, if you like, our technician can stay through the entire event.

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