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Satellite broadcasts require, by their nature, a collection of systems including cameras or microphones, transmission technologies such as satellite uplinks and downlinks and technical talent. Few organizations possess the entire collection of both people and technologies to enable successful satellite broadcasting within their organization.

Outsourcing Services

TKO offers complete satellite broadcast outsourcing. This means more than TKO being available for your next broadcasting event as a technical resource. It means more than satellite space time and more than arranging for camera crews and downlink support. Outsource services for satellite broadcasts means that TKO can assist your organization with all aspects of planning for and using satellite systems as a means of wide area communications.

Our team can assist your organization in planning for infrastructure, training, site selection and operation of broadcast systems. This means you do not need to maintain the technical expertise in your organization in order to support these technologies. TKO will do all of that for you.

We can engineer your uplink capability, secure critical space segment time and even manage your satellite downlinks by training and working with your remote staff members every day, week or month of the year. TKO can provide outsource assistance to your organization at any level of depth you require.

Broadcasting Events

For significant broadcasting events, TKO will work with your team to plan all the infrastructure to meet your objectives within your budget. Facilities that are used infrequently, for example, are better rented for day-at-a-time use than purchased. However, with even occasional use, systems can be permanently installed that offer low cost operation over time and greater signal quality. Either way, with TKO as your satellite broadcast team, we can assure you get the best value from satellite systems now and in the future.

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