A Seminar Series can be an effective vehicle to deliver a message or announcement to a wide group of audience members in multiple locations, each addressing key issues of the local attendees. There are a number of meeting types that can be supported by a series of seminars and our firm can assist with their delivery, especially with special technical requirements.

Seminar and Panel Forum Meeting Series Types

  • Employee or Stockholder Outreach
  • Special Announcements
  • Continuing Education

Employee or Stockholder Outreach

Large organizations with a distributed employee base or stockholder base regularly need to communicate a similar message across a broad geographic or demographic area. Creating a welcoming and yet consistent forum for audience members to receive this information is made possible by holding a series of seminar or stakeholder meetings. When properly planned, this series can enable an organization to consistently deliver a common message to a large and dispersed audience in multiple locations.

Using video communications tools, some presentations can be made by remote executives, which can increase the visibility of business leaders to the audience. This can be extremely cost and time effective because some presentations can be made by personnel that do not travel to each location in the seminar series.

Special Announcements

Periodically, organizations have a need to communicate an important message to all stakeholders in a personal manner. The importance of the personal message may require an executive or business leader to deliver it. Examples of such events are:

  • Merger Announcements
  • Organizational Reorganizations
  • Key Product Launches

For each of these meeting types and many more, executives may need an outreach program to effectively deliver information. This type of outreach is often well served by arranging a series of meetings that follow a similar format. Each meeting venue must be planned for the local attendees. With good technical planning for audio visual systems, guest speakers can make presentations from remote locations through a high quality video conferencing connection.

Using the "guest speaker" concept, executives can be freed to some extent from the requirement to be physically present in each venue by using video conferencing equipment to link them from their office location to the seminar meeting location. This technique of using technology to connect presenters with audience members can relieve business managers of the travel and time required to be in each venue in the seminar series.

Continuing Education

Health care professionals, engineers, lawyers, and others require continuing professional education to maintain industry certifications. This often requires attendance at industry informational seminars.

For the organizations that provide the education, it is essential to plan for the manner in which the industry information will be delivered either to multiple groups or to the same group over a period of time.

A series of seminars or workshops may be required to present information to a group or association. Planning for the series should include consideration of the impact on the presenters for the series. The impact on presenters can be considerable if they are required to travel each city or state where a seminar is held. Good technical solutions are available, including video conferencing, that can minimize this impact.

There are a number of options for delivery of a series of educational seminars. Some can save time while others can save money. All options, however, should be focused on the delivery of information that meets the continuing professional educational requirement for the meeting attendees.

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