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TKO provides satellite broadcasting services in support of broadcast events and productions. These services include peripheral support such as selection of meeting facilities, production facilities, transportation arrangements and other significant tasks associated with successful broadcast events.

Services for Broadcasting Events

Broadcasting an event of any type requires coordination and an event suitable to be broadcast to many locations requires experience, understanding and technology to be successful. Our services start with the source content. Content or signal acquisition requires the following:

  • Source subject matter
  • Logistical support for host location
  • Acquisition technologies (cameras, microphones)
  • Transmission technologies (uplinks, satellites, encryption systems)

The destination requires one-time setup and then periodic maintenance and calibration including:

  • Receiving technologies (downlink, cable systems)
  • Tuning systems (digital receivers, decryptions systems)
  • Distribution systems (streaming servers, local area networks, video conferencing systems)
  • Quality analysis tools (confidence monitors and signal measurement)
  • Display technologies (monitors, televisions and projectors)

Once downlinks are set up, they should function well over time. However, signal quality that changes the reception at the downlink often entices users to adjust systems as they often believe their downlink is the cause of a reception problem. Over time, this results in systems becoming impaired even while their individual components are actually functional. Therefore, downlinks should be calibrated periodically and scheduled for full system checkouts of all components before each major event.

Signal Acquisition Services

TKO offers signal acquisition services including logistical support for key events. These services include arranging for uplinks, camera crews, production staff, reserving meeting space, preparations for staff including securing accommodations, badge access and technical support.

Destination Locations

For destination locations TKO offers downlink installation, maintenance, periodic calibration, tuning, staff training and event support. While each location is unique and each event is different, TKO has worked over many years securing the skills and technical resources to ensure your next event is a success.

About TKO

TKO Video Communications provides video conferencing equipment (Cisco Systems, Tandberg Radvision, Polycom, Initia AccessSwitch and more) as well as services and technical support for global video networks. TKO Video Communications also provides Streaming audio and video, event management and satellite broadcasting. We distinguish ourselves from all vendors in the video communications industry by providing reliable and high quality video conference outsourcing, video products and solutions with unparalleled attention to our customer's objectives.