Business Town Hall Meeting Services

When a message is important to emphasize and repeat in multiple contexts, a Town Hall style business meeting is the ideal method of delivery.

A Business Town Hall Meeting is modeled after the meeting style commonly used by political candidates and government officials but with a narrower focus. The meeting's inclusive format invites audience participation, which allows the leaders to frame an important business message or goal in the context of the issues faced by employees. A successful Business Town Hall Meeting results in employees and stakeholders embracing a message in a way that says to them,
"This applies to me."

The format for a Business Town Hall Meeting includes audience participation and pairs it with a message that is defined by the meeting leader or leaders. Defining the message along with the tone and direction of the discussion up front allows the leader to then reinforce them with responses to audience questions. This, therefore, is the key benefit of using the town hall meeting format: repetitive articulation of a message with multiple frames of reference.

Generally, in a Business Town Hall Meeting, leaders remain the focus of the meeting event while they invite audience participation. This is a key difference between a business meeting and a political or campaign meeting. The focus begins and remains on the leader and therefore the leader's message also remains the focus of the Business Town Hall Meeting.

The inclusive format that allows for significant unscripted audience interaction makes the Business Town Hall meeting format effective. By allowing and encouraging significant audience participation in the meeting, leaders offer meeting attendees the ability to question and challenge the message, direction and focus the leader establishes. While this can be unsettling for a meeting leader, with a proper level of rehearsal in preparation for this type of interaction, the Town Hall format offers a leader the ability to clarify and define a message in a way that would seem redundant and overstated in most other meeting formats.

An effective Business Town Hall Meeting should result in all participants including leaders, employees and other stakeholders understanding a message well and believing the message applies to them directly.

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