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Throughout the world and in most metropolitan areas there are a number of superb video conferencing facilities, each supporting a wide array of features and capabilities. Finding these quality facilities can take considerable time especially when you need to arrange a video conference meeting between many locations. Your solution is TKO VideoConferencing. With our trained event management staff, we can offer you the advantage of being able to call on one video conferencing supplier for all of your needs.

The TKO Advantage

TKO VideoConferencing offers your organization several advantages. One of the most significant advantages of working with our event management team for your global events is that we are a single supplier for a suite of global video conferencing services. Working with just one vendor, you can take your message around the world. If your organization is already a user or owner of video conferencing equipment, you can take advantage of TKO's global network of video conferencing rental rooms to extend your reach. Whether you need video conference connections in Silicon Valley, New York City, Singapore, Europe or around the world, TKO VideoConferencing is your answer.

About TKO VideoConferencing

TKO VideoConferencing provides video conference rental facilities in New York City, San Jose/Silicon Valley and throughout the globe. TKO VideoConferencing is a division of TKO Video Communications, an industry leader, providing reliable, high-quality video communications solutions for business, government, education and global enterprises. Services include audio and video streaming, audio and video conferencing, satellite broadcasting and event management. Founded in 1995, TKO is based in San Jose, California, with offices in New York City, Washington, DC, and San Diego.