Professional Panel Forum Meeting Services

A Panel Forum Meeting features a coordinated group of speakers individually addressing both in-house and remote attendees. Each panel speaker generally makes their own presentation and they may have relevant comments about other panelist presentations. Switching between presenters and presentations smoothly in a way that accounts for lively panelist interaction is critical. This is especially the case when the panel is presenting both to an in-room live audience and to a remote audience through live streaming, or webcasting.

TKO's event staff expertly weave together the required Audio Visual, networking and in-room logistics to create simplicity for you while we manage the technical aspects of the meeting. Our advance testing and pre-event planning unburden Event Managers and Panel Forum participants from technical concerns. With TKO, your Panelists, Presentations, and Forum Attendees remain your focus while we manage the technology.

TKO customers use Panel Forum Meetings for -

  • Continuing Education Forums
  • Convention and Conference breakout meetings
  • Industry Symposia
  • Roundtable meetings
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