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What is a Deposition?

A deposition is a legal written recording of testimony out-of-court for use in a legal discovery process and/or for later use in court.

Depositions and Videoconferencing

Transcripts of testimony do not fully convey the nature of witness testimony. Video depositions or legal video depositions can be created through the use of in-room video cameras. An in-room camera and camera operator (also called a videographer) are often used to create a legal video record of testimony. This can be a valuable supplement to the written transcript of testimony.

Through the use of video conferencing, recording of witness testimony and even remote transcription are possible. Video conferencing systems capture and transmit both video and audio and this can be recorded, streamed, stored on DVD's for distribution to counsel, or stored online in password protected legal video archives.

Legal video depositions, especially when posted online with indexes to specific questions and witness testimony provide a quick reference to key topics and information for counsel.

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