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What is Multipoint Videoconferencing?

Video Conferencing systems can be connected to one another directly in a Point-to-Point session, or they can be connected in groups in what are called multipoint video conference calls.

Three way video conference meetings, four way video conference meetings and more are all called "multipoint video conferences". The term "multipoint" describes each participant as a point of connection. Another term that is used to mean the same thing is "multisite conferencing". In this terminology, multisite describes each video conference meeting participant as a site or location, even if they are physically in the same building.

All of these varying terms describe a connection of multiple locations of video conferencing users into three way video conference calls or four way video conference calls and even higher numbers of video conference participants in a single video conference session.

3 Way Videoconferencing

Three way video conferencing is possible on video conferencing systems from manufacturers such as Tandberg/Cisco, Polycom, SONY and LifeSize. Generally, a software feature is required to allow 3 Way or 4 Way video conferencing using these systems. All of these products can connect to multiple video conferencing locations simultaneously with the right configuration.

Software applications and services are also available that enable three way video calling. Apple Inc. has developed an application called FaceTime that allows users of Apple products to see and hear one another in video conference calls. Similarly, Google, Inc. has a set of web based applications that enable three way video conference calling; some call this Google video conference collaboration.

Depending on whether you require business grade 3 way video conference calling or ad-hoc informal video collaboration, one or more of these products or applications may be suitable for you. If you are trying to determine which solution is best for your organization's business use, contact TKO VideoConferencing for help and advice.

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