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What is an NT4?

An N4 is a network interface that converts up to 4 Basic Rate ISDN network interfaces from a telephone provider to a form that is suitable for ISDN equipment such an ISDN capable video conferencing system. The term "NT4" is often used to describe the quantity of BRI lines that the device converts from a telco U interface to an S/T interface which is required by user equipment.

An NT4 is really four NT1's in a single box. The terms NT3 and NT4 indicate the number of connections that are available on a device to connect to the telco provider jacks.

Why do I need 4 BRI Connections?

Generally, a single basic rate ISDN line from a telephone company can provide up to 128Kbps of bandwidth to a videoconferencing system. Four of these network lines provide 512Kbps bandwidth which can provide significantly better video quality than a single or even three ISDN lines.

An NT4 can be used for one, two, three or four ISDN lines. Generally, NT4's are preferred as a network appliance for ISDN based video conferencing. This is because the single NT4 can accommodate from one to four ISDN lines right out of the box and without any special configuration.

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