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What is People On Content?

Polycom has developed an innovative technology in the HDX product line they call People On Content. This is a feature that can be used only on Polycom's HDX product line that allows the images of people as presenters to be transmitted with content behind them much like a weather forecaster does on television.

Advantages of People On Content

Advantages for Presenters:

  • People On Content allows interaction with images on screen which can create for the audience a compelling connection with the content being presented.
  • People On Content can integrate multiple types of media into a presentation.

Advantages for Audience members (at the receiving location or locations)

  • Presentations can be highlighted by the presenters for the audience visually in a way that is not possible using a split video (H.239) where presenters are on one screen and content or PC images on another.
  • There are no remote system requirements to receive People On Content images. At a receiving system, People On Content images are received just as images from any video conference with no special settings or adjustments required.
  • Both the presenter and the content are presented on a single display. Multiple monitors are not required to receive the People On Content transmission.
  • All standards-compliant video conferencing systems can receive a People On Content presentation (H.239 is not needed).

Disadvantages of People On Content

In order to transmit People On Content, Polycom HDX systems must be used. This People On Content feature must be activated in order to present the image of a presenter and the content simultaneously.

Rehearsing how to make a presentation using People On Content is essential in order to realize the beneficial effect of a person highlighting the presentation being made. This rehearsal and crafting of presentations can require a significant investment in time for the presenters. Most of the time required to produce good People On Content presentations must be invested in educating presenters as to how to stand and move in a way that properly highlights their PC or other images.

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