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What is a Rental Video Conference System?

A rental video conferencing system can be in one of three configurations:

  1. A rental of an entire video conference room in which a system has been installed and is operational. A video conferencing room is generally a room at a business location that is available for rent and has been outfitted with a video conferencing system from a leading manufacturer such as Polycom, Cisco (Tandberg), Sony, or LifeSize. In addition to the room and video conference equipment itself, a room rental will also include a suitable monitor and speaker system. Lastly, a rental video conferencing room also includes access to a suitable network that can be used for a videoconference. Such a network is typically ISDN or IP with available bandwidth of 384Kbps.

  2. A rental of a video conferencing system including a codec, camera, microphone and network interface that you can setup and connect to a suitable network of ISDN or IP. In this scenario, a rental video conferencing system is a fully functioning system absent the monitor and network. So, if you rent a video conferencing system in this case, you get everything but the monitor and the network and so if you supply and connect those items, you can hold a video conference.

  3. A video conferencing codec alone. This would be a hardware codec capable of accepting camera/video inputs (Composite, S-Video, Component or HDMI), and audio inputs (XLR or RCA). These inputs allow video and audio to be transmitted from a location to a remote destination. Additionally, this codec normally is also capable of connecting to displays and audio systems at a venue using Composite, S-Video, Component or HDMI for video and XLR, RCA or HDMI for audio.

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