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What is a Satellite Broadcast?

A satellite broadcast is a broadcast of video and audio generally from one to many locations. The transport technology used to move the signals between locations is satellite transmission. While this may seem extremely complicated, it is a technology that is well proven and available for business and government use even on short notice.

For example, many commercial organizations host an annual "All Hands Meeting". When employees are widespread and physically in a number of different locations, a satellite broadcast can be an effective means of getting the host site presentation to all locations simultaneously.

Satellite broadcasts can be arranged on short or long notice and generally produce excellent video and audio quality for remote participants.

How do I arrange a Satellite Broadcast?

TKO VideoConferencing can assist you in determining whether your planned meeting will best be served through the use of a satellite broadcast. Often a satellite broadcast is the most economical means of hosting a meeting that includes a widely disbursed group of attendees and TKO VideoConferencing is well experienced in hosting such meetings.

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