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Town Hall Meeting

From its quaint image of a New England town gathering to a global meeting of today, the classic Town Hall Meeting has undergone dramatic change. While the introduction of technology has maximized the audience size and extended reach of the meeting message, the key ingredient of a Town Hall Meeting, active audience participation, remains the same.

Town Hall Meeting Audience Participation

Today's Town Hall audience members may be located anywhere in the world and can connect to the Town Hall Meeting using any device with an Internet browser. Advanced video and collaboration networks operate behind the scenes to provide all audience members the opportunity to actively participate in the Town Hall Meeting. Methods of participation include Q&A, chat, and polling.

Town Hall Meeting Technical Requirements

Seamless technology integration along with advance preparation can make a globally dispersed audience feel as though everyone is gathered in one room. Effective technology network engineering supports an energetic interchange between the Town Hall Meeting main presenter and all audience members. A dynamic and lively session requires tech support including extra microphones, an effective audio system, and a camera with an operator to facilitate the Town Hall Meeting. Connectivity must be managed across multiple networks and behind firewalls to successfully connect all the attendees. Lastly, video on demand services provide an archive of a Town Hall Meeting message for future replay.

Town Hall Meeting Success

Event pre-planning, advance network testing, and presenter walk-thoughs all combine to ensure a successful Town Hall Meeting outcome. It is imperative that both the main presenter and audience members have technical support to assist with the interactive portion of the Town Hall Meeting. The technology supporting the event must remain in the background and not become an overwhelming distraction for the Town Hall Meeting organizers and attendees.

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