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What is a Video Business Meeting?

A video Business Meeting involves meeting participants in two, three, four, or more locations. This meeting allows live person-to-person communication among the meeting attendees and easily includes telephone and Internet participants too. PowerPoint presentations are frequently used in video Business Meetings and can be shown to all meeting attendees worldwide.

Video Business Meetings are most effective when the format is customized to meet the business objective. Reaching a wider audience can include options such as broadcasting the meeting content over a company's intranet, streaming over the Internet, and the distribution of high-quality DVD recordings.

Advantages of a Video Business Meeting

Video Business Meetings easily bring your business world together. The ability to reach a global audience simultaneously can significantly help with effective business communication. The travel and time savings have huge budgetary impacts as well as helping corporations to meet green initiatives and reduce carbon footprints.

Disadvantages of a Video Business Meeting

In order to have a Video Business Meeting connect successfully, complex networking skill is needed behind the scenes to integrate global multipoint video conference locations, the addition of telephone participants, and PC presentations. If this meeting is not managed by a team of video and audio experts, the connections can fail and thus derail the entire business objective. Such a technology failure can make the technology the meeting focus rather than the business at hand.

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