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What is a Webcast?

A Webcast is an electronic transmission of video and/or audio from a source to viewers or listeners on their personal computers, smart phones and mobile devices. The term webcast, sometimes called a "web cast" is a derivation of the term "broadcast" to mean that the Internet is used as the medium to transmit the signal from source to destination.

A Webcast is an Internet transmission of a number of different formats that can be decoded and played on a wide variety of user devices such as computers and smart phones. Examples of webcast decoders include Apple QuickTime, Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Windows Media Player.

Webcasts generally define live Internet broadcasts where the source content is encoded in formats that can be transmitted over the Internet and decoded by software players. Archived webcasts are called "On-Demand Webcasts" or Video On Demand (VOD) webcasts. A common term for an archived webcast that can be played on-demand by a user is "VOD" which is sometimes notated as Video-On-Demand.

Advantages of a Webcast

Webcasts (Web Casts) are created to reach viewers and listeners on their computers or smart phones. This means a webcast can be delivered globally and cost effectively using the Internet. A webcast can be live or archived for later viewing.

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