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What is YouTube?

Google, Inc. provides an online service that allows users to upload and view short videos. The service delivers videos currently in a Flash, or FLV file format and therefore videos are playable on an extremely wide variety of end user devices.

What format does YouTube accept for uploaded videos?

Users of the YouTube service can upload videos using many different encoding methods and YouTube will convert them to Flash videos. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube in QuickTime format [.MOV], MPEG, .AVI, Windows Media [.WMV] or in Flash [.FLV].

Soon HTML5 will likely be a streaming method from YouTube and this will then be compatible with nearly all devices and future updates of browsers. Users will have an ability to select or "Opt. In" to HTML 5 streaming or Flash and in this way a larger video audience will be able to view YouTube videos.

Is YouTube a form of Collaboration?

Yes, as a forum for collecting information and distributing content to users, YouTube is a type of loose collaboration network. YouTube provides search results that are relevant to video files and so in a crude way, this service can be used as a video archive collaboration forum.

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