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What is Zydacron?

Based in New Hampshire, Zydacron was a company that made OEM circuit boards for PC's in the late 1990's and early years of 2000. These circuit boards enabled H.323 and/or H.320 standards compliant video conferencing from Windows NT and Windows 98 PC's.

Zydacron's engineering team was both innovative and capable and the core team of engineers and business managers later molded this company into an organization that has become affiliated with the SCOTTY Group and more recently Telehealth / telecare GmbH.

What is the Zydacron Z360?

The Zydacron Z360 for 98/NT is a PC-based board for one PCI slot. It can provide both H.320 and H.323 video conferencing connections at 30 frames per second. This product even includes T.120 support for data collaboration via full Microsoft NetMeeting™ integration.

The Z360 PCI Board enables integration with a PC through its PCI slot to deliver a "plug and play" video connection using ISDN, V35 or IP [also includes native ATM H.323 (annex C) compatibility.]

The Z360 software runs on Windows 98/NT and possibly with Windows 7. It includes standard built-in system configuration for easy setup.

The Z360 also includes a rare jewel which is an integrated ISDN analyzer and video overlay that works over the PCI bus to most PCI VGA controllers. An ISDN analyzer can break down ISDN Q.931 and Q.932 messaging such as call progress indicators and cause codes. This makes the Z.360 as much an ISDN analyzer as a video conferencing engine.

The Z360 can accommodate up to 3 BRI lines at 384 Kbps and 768 Kbps on a V.35 serial connection.

Where can I find a Z360?

Contact TKO VideoConferencing via email or telephone to obtain new or used versions of this product. The Z360 is a product made with data analysis and robustness in its design and it can be used effectively as an ISDN analyzer or as an H.320 video conferencing engine. The Z.360 can support two monitors.

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