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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that has web, desktop, and mobile applications. It can be used with Microsoft Windows and Apple OS workstations and laptops.. It is an entire ecosystem for groups of people and coworkers to share files, calendars, and videoconferencing. Specifically, Teams is integrated into Microsoft Office’s 365 bundle of applications. The videoconferencing platform of Microsoft Teams boasts some of the highest video and audio quality in the industry and comes in two forms: Teams Meetings and Teams Events.

Advantages of Microsoft Teams

  • High video and audio quality
  • Low latency
  • High meeting participant count (300 for meetings and 10,000 for events)
  • Responsive help line

Disadvantages of Microsoft Teams

  • Gallery view only shows 9 participant videos at a time
  • Massive lack of host controls; each participant is responsible for tailoring their own meeting experience rendering Teams a poor large meeting platform
  • Requires training to use properly
  • High latency for Teams Events compared to’s near 0 latency webcasting
  • Difficult setup and learning curve
  • Meetings may be difficult to log into for some users
  • Admin portal is limited

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