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What is Multiway Videoconferencing?

An often confused term with Multipoint video conferencing is "Multiway" video conferencing. The two terms both describe a video conference in which multiple video endpoints participate, however the term Multiway describes a method of creating a multipoint video conference.

Multiway conferencing is described by Cisco Systems as "Ad-hoc Multipoint Conferencing" which is intended to mean, connection to multiple video conferencing systems quickly, easily and without a reservation. In practice this is a feature set that can be enabled on a Cisco video conferencing system that allows a user to call up a bridge resource from an MCU simply by adding a 3rd or 4th endpoint to a video conference call. Without the need to have an imbedded multipoint control function in a user's own video conferencing system, a user that is calling from a Multiway enabled endpoint can utilize the network resource of an MCU for an ad-hoc call.

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