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Creating your PowerPoint Presentation

Here are a few tips for creating presentations that work well during a video conference meeting:

  • Use a sans-serif font no less than 24 point for easy viewing
  • Create a subtle background design for the presentation and use it for each slide
  • Use bar charts instead of line charts for maximum visual impact
  • Keep the overall look of the slides clean and uncluttered
  • Use short sentences or bullet points to keep the word count down
  • Use highly contrasted light text on a dark background or vice versa to make reading easier

Delivering Your Message

Now that you've created an effective PowerPoint presentation for a video conference meeting, use these tips for content delivery:

  • Begin with an overview of the presentation and then launch into important points from each slide
  • Avoid reading the content on each slide word-for-word
  • Consider the content to be a "talking point" and use this as an opportunity to expand beyond what's on screen
  • Give audience members a few moments to digest the information on a slide before speaking
  • Wrap up the presentation with a summary conclusion

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